Problem LVEF<30%; NYHA II/III; QRS>120ms
Format 0
Treatment CRT (in addition to ICD)
Control ICD alone
Population 1798 patients
Inclusion criteria NHYA class II or III symptoms of heart failure despite receiving optimal medical therapy (see details for changes mid-trial)
Left ventricular ejection fraction of 30% or less from ischemic or nonischemic causes
Intrinsic QRS duration of 120 msec or more or a paced QRS duration of 200 msec or more
Sinus rhythm or permanent atrial fibrillation or flutter with a controlled ventricular rate (â‰_60 beats per minute at rest and â‰_90 beats per minute during a 6-minute walk test) or planned atrioventricular-junction ablation after device implantation)
Planned ICD implantation for indicated primary or secondary prevention of sudden cardiac death.
Exclusion criteria Patients with a major coexisting illness or a recent cardiovascular event were excluded
Follow-up Mean 40 months
Primary endpoint Death from any cause or heart failure leading to hospitalization
Secondary endpoint(s) Death from any cause at any time during the study
Death from any cardiovascular cause
Hospitalization for heart failure among all patients, those with NYHA class II heart failure at baseline, and those with NYHA class III heart failure at baseline
Details From the paper:

Brief summary: 07/08/2012 14:30
PAPER: Cardiac-resynchronization therapy for mild-to-moderate heart failure.
Date 16 Dec 2010
Journal N Engl J Med. 2010 Dec 16;363(25):2385-95.
Information In NYHA II or III w/ QRSd < 120ms & LVEF < 30% with an ICD
-Addition of CRT
--Reduced death and HF hospitalization (hazard ratio 0.75; p<0.001)
--Significant for NYHA II, similar magnitude for III but non-significant